Dating With Herpes

What is herpes?

Herpes is a rather common virus that is found in humans and animals. Once infected, the virus remains in the body and presents itself through periodically recurring symptoms known as outbreaks or flare-ups. There is no cure for herpes, but different treatment options are available to help reduce its symptoms. In humans, there are several different types of herpes, with one of the most common being the herpes simplex virus. This type of herpes is further broken down into two distinct categories: HSV-1 and HSV-2.

Herpes Treatments

While there are several different types of herpes– and vaccines are available for some (such as chickenpox and shingles), there is no vaccine or cure for the herpes simplex virus. This type of herpes presents itself as either an oral form (HSV-1) or genital form (HSV-2). People infected with either one of these types of herpes can still rest assured, however, that treatments do exist which can help reduce the frequency and severity of flare-ups.

Sex Life after Herpes

Though you might feel like you’re all alone facing this problem, you’re not. Estimates are that up to 20% of adults in the United States have genital herpes. That means there are over 45 million Americans who are in the same situation that you are – they know they are living with herpes. Millions of these people manage to continue an active sex life, and you can, too.

Herpes During Pregnancy

Genital herpes during pregnancy requires special attention. This is because the virus can be transmitted to a newborn during the birthing process, which can cause serious complications. Some women are unaware that they have HSV-2, particularly if lesions associated with the virus do not appear on the outer part of the genitals, but exist inside the vagina, instead.

You can Date Other People with Herpes

One way to avoid the whole painful discussion about herpes, and risk the embarrassment and possible rejection that go along with that, is to date other people who already have the herpes virus. There are herpes dating websites that are designed specifically for people with STDs, including herpes. Some sites have hundreds of thousands of members.

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